13th & Republic

An Interactive Operatic Radical Dance Film

13th & Republic

13th & Republic

Directed & Choreographed by

Darnell Pierre Benjamin

Music Composed by

Kaleel Skeirik

Poetry & Lyrics by

Tyrone Williams

Gospel Music by

Dan Larkin

Music Directed by

Michael Goist

Director of Photography

Simion Collins



Montez Jenkins-Copeland


Donald Burns
Brandon Burton
Ernaisja Curry
Ashley Morton


Griff Bludworth
Anyeé Farrar
Ellen Graham
Miles Wilson-Toliver

13th & Republic premiered on December 28, 2020.

Following the premiere, lead artists on the project joined us for a live-streamed panel discussion, moderated by Durell Callier.

The film lives in perpetuity on an interactive website where you can watch the film, learn about victims of police violence, access resources for taking action, and learn more about the project. The experience is free and open to the public. Please follow the links below for the full 13th & Republic experience.

About 13th & Republic

Walterhoope presents 13th & Republic, an Interactive, Operatic, Radical Dance Film directed by Darnell Pierre Benjamin that addresses excessive police force against Black communities and the mental health of the country.

13th & Republic features an original score by composer Kaleel Skeirik that weaves together contemporary symphonic, jazz, renaissance, and Appalachian folk music with original poetry and lyrics by Tyrone Williams.

This project is made possible in part by state tax dollars allocated by the Ohio Legislature to the Ohio Arts Council (OAC)

Additional generous funding for this project is provided by Xavier University Take It On 2020, Christ Church Cathedral, and generous supporters on Kickstarter.

13th & Republic is completely free to experience. We believe that this piece, and work like it is deeply important and should be accessible to all. That is why this work is free for you and for everyone.

That said, 13th & Republic has been in the making for over two years and features the talents and incredibly hard work of dozens of artists. What began as a live performance event evolved into a feature length film hosted on an interactive website. We are hugely grateful to everyone involved from the artists, volunteers, and funders, to the helping hands of strangers.

As we are dedicated to making this work free for you to experience, we are also dedicated to compensating our artists fairly for their invaluable work. This means we are dependent on contributions from those who believe in our mission and are able to give, financially. If you enjoy this piece or find it impactful will you consider contributing financially or by sharing 13th & Republic with someone else?

Watch the Trailers.

Watch our video about the project.

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  • Interview with Director/Choreographer Darnell Pierre Benjamin | 13th & Republic
  • Interview with Poet Tyrone Williams | 13th & Republic
  • Interview with Composer Kaleel Skeirik | 13th & Republic
  • Interview with Gospel Pianist Dan Larkin | 13th & Republic

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