About Us

Re-envisioning performing arts

About Us.

Our Mission.

Walterhoope is a professional performing arts company that creates world class artistic productions. We are committed to telling stories that matter in the most interesting ways possible. We embrace different art forms to create surprising experiences that challenge, inspire, and create authentic connections with our audience.

Our Values

Visionary Work

Above all we produce art that has vision. We define visionary work as work with an urgent reason for being. We do this by investing in our artist’s passions, new ideas, and asking difficult questions. We create our own work and adapt texts that speak to us, to our community, and to our own historical moment.


The ability to evolve and reinvent our art and our systems is core value of Walterhoope’s. We believe that excellence requires constant change, imagination, and deep questioning. To that end we are committed not only to being good listeners but to being responsive.


We break down traditional barriers between artist and audience to create an authentic and transparent relationship with our community. We see our audience as co-creators with us. We are committed to transparency not just as artists but in all of Walterhoope’s operations.


We see arts education as essential to the development of a healthy community. We use arts education as a tool to promote healthy bodies, minds, and imaginations.


We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for performers, partners, and members of our audience. We are committed to diversity in our employment and casting.


We recognize that we are all stewards of this planet and are responsible for its well-being. We are committed to sustainable practices in all aspects of our process.

Financial Ethics

We are committed to responsible resource management, while maintaining ethical employment standards. We are committed to keeping programming affordable for our audience.

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Our Artists

  • Audrey Bertaux
    Producing Artistic Director
  • David Mavricos
    Managing Artistic Director
  • William Vaughan
    Development Artistic Director
  • Kelsey Nihiser
    Resident Artist
  • Teresa Spencer
    Resident Artist
  • Kristen St. Clair
    Resident Artist