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The Velveteen Rabbit

Teacher Resources for The Velveteen Rabbit

Thanks for your interest in The Velveteen Rabbit! Please click the buttons to download all of the materials you'll need to teach the project to your class.

Required Resources:

Optional Resources:

The B&W guide booklet is designed to be printed double-sided, but works fine single-sided as well!

If you have groups of students and want them to rehearse their scenes individually, use these rehearsal tracks to play individual scenes for each group. Or, use the these tracks to easily jump between scenes as you rehearse as a class!

Videos for the Classroom

Please click the buttons below for the puppeteering videos you can show your class! Links will bring you to YouTube.

Watch videos made by our artists to get to know them better and learn fun facts about their craft!

Need Inspiration?

Please utilize the following images for inspiration for your students to color and decorate their own Velveteen Rabbit puppets!

Post-Class Survey

We're so glad you've brought The Velveteen Rabbit to your classroom! All we ask is that you please complete the following survey so that we can understand how the project is being used and the impact it's had. We really appreciate your participation!